Ekali Spins Mesmerizing “Triple J Mixup 2.0” and Releases Melodic Song “Past Life”

At the end of October 2017, Vancouver-based producer Ekali, known by friends as Nathan Shaw, spun a mesmerizing mix “Triple J Mixup 2.0”. Two weeks later, he released “Past Life” featuring indie duo Opia. Ekali, known for his remix of Snakehips “Don’t Leave” and massive release “Babylon”, is on his way to the top of the charts. Ekali […]

EDM By The Numbers 2017

The Electronic Dance Music industry continues to grow at an astounding rate. It’s hard to put the numbers into perspective; RaveRebel has put together an infographic that will let you better visualize EDM’s numbers in 2017. Recently, the International Music Summit, which features talks, presentations, and reports about dance music and the global industries and […]

Benny Benassi Talks Music and Firefly Music Festival [Exclusive Interview]

Marco Benassi, known worldwide as DJ Benny Benassi, began his expansive career in the 1980s. He started out producing tracks and DJ-ing alongside his cousin, Alle Benassi, in their hometown in Italy. Throughout the years, Benassi has evolved as an artist, dropping epic albums like Hypnotica (2003), Rock n’ Rave (2008), and Danceaholic (2016).  Benny Benassi via Facebook Benny […]

HARD Summer 2017 Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary With Stacked Lineup

Gary Richards doesn’t mess around when it comes to acquiring top-notch talent for his events. Consistently, year after year he manages to knock my socks off with one expertly curated lineup after the next. Led by HARD Events founder Gary Richards, aka Destructo, the LA-based event brand found itself in 2007 when they initially started their iconic two-day […]