Top 10 Dance Music Videos Of All Time On YouTube

The Top 10 Dance Music Videos of all time on YouTube are no surprise. The worldwide 2015 hit Lean On by Major Lazer & DJ Snake comes in at #1. Closer by The Chainsmokers ranks at #2 as they have built a massive fanbase on YouTube following the breakthrough success of #SELFIE. Calvin Harris comes in at #3, yet he […]

Odesza Reveals a Mesmerizing Mix for their NO.SLEEP Series

Odesza. That name has been tossed around consistently all throughout this year. No questions as to why since the duo has been unstoppable with announcements which include a release of new tracks, an album, and including, world tour. After a long time not hearing anything from the duo, it’s spectacular to see them reveal an abundance […]

Your Playlist for on the Road to Lightning in a Bottle

Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) is not your average music festival. Joining outdoors, yoga, and obviously, astounding music, LIB makes a group experience that advances social attachment, individual well-being, and innovative expression, all while as yet giving the attendees what they need. It’s intense attempting to decide which artists to see with a vast and […]