Insomniac Events Announces 8th Annual Electric Forest

Insomniac Events just announced the 8th annual return of Electric Forest to Double JJ Ranch, Sherwood Forest, in Rothbury, Michigan. This electrifying festival will take place over two magnetic weekends, June 21 – 24, 2018 and June 28 – July 1, 2018. 

Insomniac Events Announces 8th Annual Electric Forest

Electric Forest

Electric Forest

To start, Electric Forest unveiled a new fan appreciation initiative called ‘The EF Wish Machine’.

This year Electric Forest is doing something different committed to generating new ways for the community to form meaningful experiences. The creators of Electric Forest launched this endeavor to encourage festival goers to spread positivity and to give back by offering incentive to make attendees dreams a reality.

According to the official Electric Forest website, The Wish Machine is a gesture of impassioned hope during a time when many wish for change in the world.

“So many of us wish for change in the world today.

When the Forest Family thinks globally, we find a place that needs kindness.

Kindness, radical acceptance, and good deeds are why The Forest is special. These values create freedom to discover ourselves, celebrate our beautiful differences and our unique gifts. 

Goodness starts as a seed. Do you have an idea for a good deed or an inspiration for an act of human kindness?”

What is your dream for Electric Forest 2018?

The Forest’s reward can be big or small.  Should you wish to participate, attendees must submit their Forest Dream along with why they would like to see it come true.

“If I volunteer for the local homeless shelter once a week until EF 2018, Electric Forest will let me have lunch with Bassnectar!”

Submit your wish to The Wish Machine now! Afterward, scroll through the Wish Gallery to get inspired. The festival will grant wishes by April 2018.

Additionally, The Electric Forest “Plug In” Program offers many ways for fans to gain extraordinary participatory access to the festival.

Each year the festival offers grants, Art Installation Sponsorships, upon review for artists and builders in the EF community to bring their designs to life at the festival.

Due to 2016, Electric Forest saw the true spark of how strong the community’s presence is.

Electric Forest surprised fans with the opportunity to announce one or more artists from the lineup before it was revealed by mailing out the roster to a select few. As mail was delivered throughout the day, artists were continuously shared on social media with the hashtag #EF2016Reveal.

The movement created staggering excitement and anxious vibes as the festival slowly crept closer and fans were impatiently waiting to return to the Forest. Check out more info on how to get involved here.

Most noteworthy, watch this video to be inspired to live to the fullest, to leave a magical legacy, and to always be young at heart.

Want more? Listen to Electric Forest’s 2017 first weekend playlist:

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